About Gateway Drawing & Painting - 2D Art

Instructor: Amanda Soisson

It is a state requirement that each student take at least 1 year (or 2 semesters) of art to graduate. One of the things that makes our art program unique is that our level 1 2D and 3D classes are each a semester long each to allow students to take 1 semester each of a 2D (drawing or painting) and a 3D (ceramics and sculpture) if they choose to. This request must be made through their counselors.


Our level 1 courses focus on the foundations of art. Don't know how to draw? You probably don't know geometry or statistics yet either. You have to start somewhere and this is it! We focus on drawing from real life and developing hand-eye coordination so that you can adapt those skills to creating anything using your imagination! We also learn about line, color theory, and the elements of art and principles of design.

Our level 2 and 3 classes are a full year and focus on refining the technical skills learned in level 1. Students practice and develop their own creative process through developing project plans and creating their own unique pieces. Students share an art studio experience while spending weeks on projects, critiquing, developing, and editing along with each other.

Collaborations we have done in the past have been learning about anatomy with the medical academy, painting a school mural for the principal, and designing the JROTC program unit crest.

The portfolio class is reserved for seniors that display an interest in developing a portfolio they would like to submit for an art program after high school, or they have taken all previous level art classes. Students work in a self-directed environment and may work in any media they like. They must display a high level of critical thinking, research, conceptual thinking, and creative risk-taking.

Current classes offered:

  • Drawing 1 (Semester)
  • Drawing 2 (Full year)
  • Drawing 3 (Full year)
  • Painting 1 (Semester)
  • Painting 2 (Full year)
  • Portfolio (Full year)
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