Fine Arts

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Current Programs offered as of the 2023/2024 school year include: Band, Chorus, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Theater, Dance, and Photography.

Instructor: Luis Fisher
The Gateway High School Eagle Band program represents the School District of Lee County's newest high school. Formed during the 2020-2021 school year while residing on the campus of Lehigh Senior High School, the Eagle Instrumental Music Program began in a portable classroom with the formation of the GHS Band. Twelve talented ninth grade students represented GHS and the Gateway community in various events throughout the school year.  They do so through public performances at sporting and civic events, parades, and concerts. 

Our core values are enrichment, academics, goodwill, loyalty, entertainment, passion, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence. It is the mission of this band to always use the intrinsic qualities of our chosen art form to enrich others through our performance, to always achieve academic excellence, to be a beacon of goodwill for others through our gift of music, to be loyal to our band, our alma mater, and ourselves, and to be entertaining every time we perform.  We will achieve our mission through our passion for the arts, our respect for all people, the integrity that is essential to all Gateway scholars, the dedication to our music and our mission, and striving for excellence in all that we do.

Current programs offered: Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Band, Color Guard, Dance Line
Future programs: Symphony Orchestra, Indoor Color Guard, Indoor Percussion Ensemble



Chorus and Orchestra
Instructor: Jennie Rimes

The goal of the Gateway Choral Department to be high quality performance choir, capable and worthy of representing the school, our community, Lee County, and the State of Florida in any performance venue. Our responsibility is to establish a tradition of excellence and purpose through dedication, devotion, and hard work. 

We strive to create a community where we embrace our diversity and unite through the power of music. While developing a life-long appreciation for music, we will cultivate a community where people can share our passion and find peace within it.


Drawing and Painting - 2D Art
Instructor: Amanda Soisson
It is a state requirement that each student take at least 1 year (or 2 semesters) of art to graduate. One of the things that makes our art program unique is that our level 1 2D and 3D classes are each a semester long each to allow students to take 1 semester each of a 2D (drawing or painting) and a 3D (ceramics and sculpture) if they choose to. This request must be made through their counselors.

Our level 1 courses focus on the foundations of art. Don't know how to draw? You probably don't know geometry or statistics yet either. You have to start somewhere and this is it! We focus on drawing from real life and developing hand-eye coordination so that you can adapt those skills to creating anything using your imagination! We also learn about line, color theory, and the elements of art and principles of design.

Our level 2 and 3 classes are a full year and focus on refining the technical skills learned in level 1. Students practice and develop their own creative process through developing project plans and creating their own unique pieces. Students share an art studio experience while spending weeks on projects, critiquing, developing, and editing along with each other.

Collaborations we have done in the past have been learning about anatomy with the medical academy, painting a school mural for the principal, and designing the JROTC program unit crest.

The portfolio class is reserved for seniors that display an interest in developing a portfolio they would like to submit for an art program after high school, or they have taken all previous level art classes. Students work in a self-directed environment and may work in any media they like. They must display a high level of critical thinking, research, conceptual thinking, and creative risk-taking.

Current classes offered: Drawing 1 (semester), Painting 1 (semester), Drawing 2 (full year), Painting 2 (full year), Drawing 3 (full year), Portfolio (full year)


Ceramics and 3D Art
Instructor: Beata Lieders
In the Ceramics classroom we offer Ceramics I, II and III, as well as Creating 3D Art and Portfolio. Immerse yourself in the world of artistic expression with our High School Ceramics and Sculpture class. Unleash your creativity as you explore the versatile realms of clay and sculptural techniques. Whether you're a budding artist or just curious about the art of shaping form and texture, this class offers a hands-on experience in molding and crafting three-dimensional masterpieces. From the basics of hand-building to the intricacies of wheel throwing, you'll discover the joy of transforming raw materials into unique works of art. I will guide you through the process, encouraging self-expression and pushing the boundaries of your artistic imagination. Join us in the fascinating journey of High School Ceramics and Sculpture, where every creation is student driven.


Instructor: Emilie Schmidt
Gateway High School is home to a growing Theater Program, offering a progression of multiple levels in which students learn performance, technical, and production skills.  Students in Theater 1 gain confidence in performing on stage in front of an audience with improv, monologues, and partner pieces.  Set and costume design are included as an introduction to technical theater.  The Eagle Theater Company rehearses after school for competitions, showcases and multiple plays a year.  Students in the Theater Program learn to support each other and enjoy being part of a tight-knit community.


Instructor: Savannah Jordan
The purpose of this class is to introduce students to different techniques and genres of dance, improve physical strength and flexibility, improve dance ability, gain confidence as a dancer, and learn to work as a team. 

Students will work to improve individual dance technique including flexibility, leaps, turns, and tricks. Learn and practice techniques and movements unique to individual dance genres. Learn and perform different types of choreography, and create and perform unique choreography with a partner or group. Students will also get a chance to perform in a winter and spring concert, where they will show off skills and genres of dance they have learned.


Instructor: Caitlyn Robarge
The photography program at GHS began in 2023. Students have access to Canon DSLR cameras, flashes, backdrops and various props for projects. All scholars take on a variety of projects throughout the year to showcase their skills and creativity behind the camera.

In Creative Photography 1 students learn the basics of composition, design, editing, and manual camera operation using shutter speed and aperture. 

Creative Photography 2 will be offered starting in the 24-25 school year and will cover more advanced topics like photoshop composites, strobes, commercial projects and beginning business skills.

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